About Me

I have a formal finance background and love all things tech, startups, and venture capital. I enjoy continually learning and supporting mission-driven entrepreneurs. I am currently exploring various topics including cryptocurrencies, artificial intelligence/machine learning, and application/web development (see 'Projects' page).

I’ve served in a variety of financial services roles over the past seven years. I am currently at Samsung NEXT, the software and services innovation arm of Samsung Electronics. At NEXT, I support the Global Ventures team across six offices worldwide. I work closely with the GMs and Venture MDs to ensure collaboration across the entire Ventures investment team. Samsung NEXT champions builders and founders investing a more purposeful future.

Prior to NEXT, I was at Stanford Management Company (SMC), the office within Stanford University that invests the Endowment and other financial assets. At SMC, I supported numerous portfolios that leverage the expertise of prominent venture capital and private equity alumni to make direct investments into startups. My Resume contains more detailed professional work experience (last updated March 2020). I've highlighted other achievements and experiences on my 'Projects' page.

Aside from work, I enjoy spending time with my 2-year-old golden retriever, skiing at Tahoe, and exploring new foods/beverages. Along with my wonderful wife, the three of us live in the San Francisco Bay Area.

More about me.

-Be kind: This is the “free lunch” of life.
-Be helpful: Especially when others can't do anything for you.
-Be humble: It was likely luck that helped you succeed.
-Be a hard worker: Work, life, & startups require hard work. Balance is key to working hard.
-Be honest: Trust is necessary to build and maintain meaningful relationships.

-Optimistic: I seek the best in ideas and people.
-System thinker: I see interoperability and fluidity of systems and organizations.
-Problem solver: I am analytical and creative.
-Quick learner: I grasp new concepts and ideas quickly by leveraging prior knowledge.
-Clear technical communication: I can digest, parse, and repackage information for unique audiences.

-Over-commitment: I enjoy many projects and passions; this can cause me to overextend my physical and mental capacity.
-Process over purpose: I appreciate structure; sometimes this means I miss the objective (i.e., overly scheduled relaxation).
-Over-optimization: I can view the world as a set of inputs. Life is a complex, irrational system; certain variables can't be quantified.

How I think about the world
-Software is eating the world (via a16z): “Field by field, category by category, industry by industry, product by product”.

-AI is the next platform: AI, when applied correctly, will lead to new insights and efficiencies for the next generation of companies to be built on.

-Personal Finance has the ability to empower: Finance is central to individuals' ability to reach their goals. It's overly complicated and exclusive, but it doesn't have to be this way.

-Cryptocurrency is just getting started: Trustless, open, and decentralized currencies and protocols will permeate our closed and broken online experience.

-Being a great buyer is different than being a builder (via Mike Maples Jr.): A builder requires a unique, nearly irrational skill set, which is very different than an investor.

Investment Thesis
Software and protocols will abstract away redundant, objective, or algorithmic tasks & entities. This will eliminate inefficiencies and create immense economic surplus.

Venture capital
VC is the perfect mix of my love of technology, investment management, and helping others achieve their dreams. I’ve seen first hand how technology empowers and elevates people. I want to support entrepreneurs on their journey to build mission-driven companies.

Years Programming
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